Train travel might seem quaint, but if you are without a car or with a group, Amtrak may be an option for spring break, or to visit home. Even if you have a car, sometimes you just want to let someone else do the driving. With discounted rates for students up to 25 years old, it might be the inexpensive choice you’re looking for to get away from campus for a while.

Get the Amtrak Discount

How much is the Amtrak student discount and how to you get it?

You’ll save 10% on the lowest value or “Flexible Fare” to your destination. (Flexible Fares are fully refundable, so definitely a good choice when you aren’t sure where you’re headed, or just in case something derails your plans – but we hope not your train!) Your fare includes free wi-fi, two free carry-on bags, and two free checked bags (where available). Newer trains also have charging stations at every seat to keep your gear ready to go. Unfortunately, the discount only applies to coach fares, but you can upgrade to first class or sleeper fares, if you pay all the additional charges.

How do I qualify for the Amtrak student discount?

This deal is only available online at, or via Amtrak’s mobile apps. To qualify, you have to book at least 3 days in advance, so make sure you are planning ahead. No spur-of-the-moment trips here! When booking your trip, you need to select “Student” as the passenger type. “Adult” will be the default, and it is easy to miss, so be certain to change it.

You may be asked to present your valid student ID on the train, so pack it and keep it handy. Really, it’s a good idea anyway, since so many travel destinations and sight-seeing venues offer great discounts!

Get the Amtrak Discount

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