ASOS fashion retailer offers a 10% discount to students with an active school email address. The discount takes the form of a special promo code that the student can apply for online shopping use until they graduate.

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What’s included in the ASOS student discount?

ASOS is a huge online fashion retailer based in the UK that sells and ships clothing all over the world. Their online catalog includes over 80,000 branded products for purchase, mostly targeted at shoppers in their 20s.

When you sign up for an ASOS discount code, everything on the site is eligible for a 10% discount. This includes all ASOS branded products as well as items listed in their Marketplace, which includes new brands and vintage boutiques.

Additionally, ASOS offers free worldwide shipping on select orders. Typically this means you must spend a minimum amount to qualify for free shipping. Due to multiple warehouses around the world, shipping in the United States only takes a few day.

How to qualify for ASOS student pricing?

To register with ASOS to receive your special code, you have two options.

  • Register directly with ASOS. You’ll need to provide basic information including your school .edu email address, as well as the year you graduate.
  • Register with UNiDAYS. If you’re already registered with UNiDAYS, simply log in and you’ll receive 10% off all purchases.

ASOS student registration

The discount is the same no matter how you register. That said, if you register directly with ASOS you’ll enjoy the discount until your self-reported graduation date. If you register with UNiDAYS, your discount will be valid until you are no longer verified with UNiDAYS. For this reason, we suggest registering directly with ASOS.

Get the ASOS Discount

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