Does AT&T offer a student discount?

Chances are, you have a mobile phone. And if you’re in college, you should be at least as smart as your phone and shop around for the best wireless plan at a good price. AT&T just might have the plan for you, if your school participates.

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How much is the AT&T educational discount?

This is one of those annoying questions from your essay tests because the answer is annoying: it depends. Discounts vary from school to school. Each institution negotiates with AT&T directly. According to the terms of service of the AT&T Signature Discount Program – Yeah, I actually read it to write this article! – deals typically include discounted monthly service charges. They may also include waived upgrade or activation fees, and/or special pricing on certain devices. So how good the deal is really depends on how savvy your school’s business office is at negotiating.

It also bears noting that AT&T provides other services besides wireless phone service. If you live off campus and need satellite TV, internet service or (gasp!) a landline, you might check with your local authorized AT&T service provider to see if student discounts apply to these services as well. Have your student ID ready!

How do I know if I qualify?

But if it is wireless you want, the first order of business is to check to see if your school has an agreement with AT&T. Start by visiting the AT&T Business Center and hovering over “Business Programs.” You should see a link to “Colleges & Universities.” Once you click that, you will see a box on the right asking for your school email address. From there, the website will let you know whether your school participates in the program.


Get the AT&T Discount

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