Bed Bath & Beyond offers a one-time 20% single-item discount for in-store purchase when you sign up for college emails. For college students living on campuses, they also offer handy checklists for each school to let you know what to buy and bring to school.

Bed Bath & Beyond Discount

What does Bed Bath & Beyond offer to college students?

When you first head to college, you need to prep the dorm room. Popular destinations include Target, Walmart, and for those with slightly classier tastes, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond offers a number of services for those in college or about to move

1. Get a 20% discount when you sign up for College emails. The form looks like this:
College Email Signup
BB&B will send you a 20% discount code to be used in-store on a single item. This is great for those big ticket purchases.

The best part about this deal is you don’t have to verify your student status to receive the offer. This means almost everyone is eligible–college students, high school students, parents, and anyone with an email address.

2. Pack and Hold. If you are moving to a campus far away, save time by shopping at your home store and have it waiting for you in your new town. BB&B allows you to pick up at the store closest to your school at no extra charge.

3. School specific shopping lists. These are a little hard to find, but they are kinda neat. They tell you exactly what’s allowed and what your school recommends you bring.

Find your school by clicking on “College” in the navigation, then select from the drop-down menu. It looks like this:

Bed Bath & Beyond College Checklist

On the next screen, you’ll see an icon to download your college checklist:

BB&B Checklist

And here’s an example of a school info sheet:

College move-in info sheet from Bed Bath & Beyond

4. College Registry Service. Baby showers and weddings aren’t the only occasions to create a registry. When you graduate from high school, why not create a registry for all your living essentials on your new campus? (Hint: If you prefer, Target offers a similar service with a 10% discount.)

Send everyone you know a link to your college registry, and they know the perfect gift to get you.

At a minimum, if you are going to do any shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond at all, it’s worth it to sign up for College emails (you can always unsubscribe later) and receive your 20% discount code.

Bed Bath & Beyond Discount

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