Does B&H offer a student discount?

Yes! B&H offers a discount on thousands of their products to college students and educators in the imaging and audio fields. It’s easy to sign up, but you have to apply. Once approved, you can start shopping online or by phone.

Get the B&H Discount

How much is the B&H educational discount?

It varies. Thousands of B&H’s products are sold to members at discounted prices, but the amount of the discount varies for each product.

What’s Included?

  • Thousands of products at discounted prices, like cameras, audio, lighting equipment, and more
  • EDU Hotline where experienced professionals can answer all of your product questions
  • Quick shipping directly from the warehouse (only for in-stock items)
  • A subscription to the annual Student Buyer’s Guide
  • An online class supply list for educators
  • A 12-month membership

How do I qualify for the B&H membership?

To qualify, you must be a collegiate-level student or educator in an accredited photography, film, video, animation, graphic design, audio, or new media institution. (Some high school educators of approved programs are also eligible).

And you’ll need to prove it! You’ll need the following when signing up:

  • A copy of your current valid school-issued ID
  • A copy of your current curriculum, class schedule, or transcript
  • A US shipping address

How to get the B&H discount?

Go to EDU Advantage Registration and click “SIGN UP” to start the online registration process. You’ll create an account, provide your address, and verify your status by uploading, emailing, or faxing copies of your school ID and current class schedule.

Once your application is approved, you can start shopping at Or you can call B&H’s EDU Hotline at 866.276.1435 to place an order.

If you have any questions or need additional information, you can email B&H about the program here: [email protected].

Get the B&H Discount

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