When I was a student, I often despised group projects. But the real world is sometimes one, big, group project. When you are in a field like software development, with teams working on big projects, how do you keep track of who has worked on what? Are the changes good? What do you keep? For all you computer students out there, there’s BitBucket, and it’s free.

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What is BitbBucket and how much is the student discount?

If you had an inclination to click this link, you probably already knew that BitBucket is software designed to help you cope with the workflow (and work confusion) of multiple people messing with the same files. You probably also already knew that Git is a version control system designed to keep your source code clean.

(I didn’t know this informat n, and had to look it up. If you also didn’t know this information, and it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, it’s probably time to click a different discount.)

For that big group project in your Software Development class, BitBucket has a free cloud-based service to keep everything straight. Tutorials are available to help you figure out how the software works.

How to qualify for BitBucket academic pricing?

To get the BitBucket academic license, you need an academic email address to qualify.  Then you are on your way to collaborating as a team to write the next ground-breaking program. (Or at least completing that pesky group project.)

Get the Bitbucket Discount

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