You just got the list of textbooks you need to buy for this semester’s classes. Gulp! Who really has $600 to spend on books? Instead of buying new books from the college bookstore, it might be time to find out what Chegg has to offer for used textbooks and rentals. They’ve got a bunch of other services you might want to check out as well.

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How much is the Chegg textbook discount?

If you are willing to rent, you can expect to see up to 90% off the retail price of your textbooks. (And when just one book costs $230…yeah!) If you aren’t sure you are sticking with the class, you have 21-days to try out the book, and return it at no cost. (Hooray for prepaid shipping labels!) You can extend your rentals, or even purchase them if you change your mind and want the book.

Downsides of renting? For starters, Chegg doesn’t want you to write in your books. Sad, if you like to make notes in the margins. Supplemental materials, like CDs, workbooks, etc, may not be included.

If you know you want to buy your books, Chegg has a warehouse full of used textbooks, too. They stock the editions being used in colleges and universities this academic year, as opposed to outdated versions you’ll find at other used booksellers. You can recoup even more of your money by selling your books back to Chegg when your class is over.

Class starting tomorrow? Chegg has you covered! Many of their textbooks come with a free 7-day ebook version of the textbook to bridge the time it takes to ship the book to you.

If you’re an e-book kind of person, you can rent those, too. E-book rentals come with a nifty feature that allows you to see what other students renting the same text are highlighting. Built-in Cliff’s Notes! (And speaking of Cliff’s Notes, you might want to look into “Textbook Solutions” which offer all sorts of answers and explanations.) E-books also gain an advantage when it comes to extending your rentals by just a few days, if needed.

What other services does Chegg offer?

If you are struggling with that calculus class, Chegg offers online tutoring. Tutors are available 24/7 in a variety of subjects. If you need someone to help you cram for that mid-term, or just explain something better than your teacher, they can give you one-on-one help in a matter of minutes.

Grab their apps to help you create your own flashcards, or to check-in with tutors for study help. If you are wondering what you are doing after graduation, they even have career search services.

Check them out today!

Shop Chegg Textbooks

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