Dell University offers student discount pricing on popular laptops, PCs, and gaming computers. Typically coupon codes for students boast $50 to $100 in savings. Registration is not required, and student status isn’t typically verified.

Get the Dell Student Discount

How does Dell University work?

If you are interested in a Dell computer at all, it’s worth it to check out Dell University for special offers. A few of the products you can find discounts on include:

  • Inspiron
  • XPS Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Alienware for gaming

The Dell University portal (which you can access through the button below) will display the deals automatically. If you hunt around the site, you can typically find coupon codes for extra savings.

Important: you must enter the coupon codes manually at checkout for extra savings.

Dell Coupon Codes

What about Dell’s membership program?

Dell has a special purchase membership program that your school may belong to. The good news is this: you don’t actually have to be a member to take advantage of special pricing.

In fact, membership pricing is often lower than Dell University, and includes more product lines.

To shop the Dell Membership program, visit the portal here. You should have access to all discounted prices.

Bonus: Look for coupon codes in this area too, and be sure to add them to your cart at checkout!

How to qualify for student pricing?

No special registration is needed. Shop away!

Get the Dell Student Discount

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