Does The Economist offer a student discount?

The Economist, a news magazine that focuses on the intersection between politics and business on the national and international scene, offers a 25% student discount. If you are a student in these areas and you aren’t already reading The Economist, you may want to start. It might help you stay on your professor’s good side. The only way to get full access is to subscribe. (Of course, you could probably go to the library…but who has time for that?)

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What kind of subscriptions are offered, and what do they cost?

Like most publications who have kept up with modern technology, The Economist offers a digital, print, and combo subscription. All are on the same 12-week introductory offer and after that your discount kicks in.

The introductory offer is $12 for 12 weeks. After that, you can see the breakdowns when you click the “subscribe” button.

How to qualify for The Economist student pricing?

Visit The Economist website by hitting the button below. Start by choosing a subscription. Upon reaching the subscription page, it will ask if you are a student. Once you click the button, you will see the discounts offered. Even if you’ve been up all night cramming, keep your eyes open! Sometimes, an introductory offer might be available at even deeper discounts.

Get The Economist Student Discount

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