Does Esurance offer a student discount on car insurance?

Esurance offers a Good Student Discount on auto insurance to students enrolled full-time in high school, college, or university. The amount of the discount is typically 10%, and the student must meet certain age and academic requirements.

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How much is the Esurance educational discount?

The Esurance Good Student Discount saves qualifying students 10% on collision, liability and medical payments coverage. Other types of student discounts for car insurance coverage vary by state.

If you attend a Pac-12 school, Esurance offers you a 10% discount on car insurance. See details about the Pac-12 discount below.

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Other types of discounts, not limited to students, include: The Fast Five Discount, Multi-Policy Discount.

How to qualify for Esurance student pricing?

Here are the requirements for the Esurance Good Student discount:

  1. You must be a full-time high school, college, or university student.
  2. You must be under 25 years old.
  3. You must maintain at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or a “B” average, if your scale is different.
  4. Finally, you typically remain eligible for the discount as long as you remain enrolled as a student and up to one year afterward.

Esurance also offers their famous 10% Pac-12 Discount, good for both students and alumni of any Pac-12 school. No GPA or age requirements apply. Pac-12 schools include:

  1. University of Southern California (USC)
  2. University of Washington
  3. University of Arizona
  4. Arizona State University
  5. University of California at Berkeley
  6. University of Colorado Boulder
  7. University of Oregon
  8. Oregon State University
  9. Stanford University
  10. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
  11. University of Utah
  12. Washington State University

See? There’s 12 of them! Now go be a good student and save that money on car insurance.

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