FedEx offers student discounts ranging from 20-30% for select shipping services. Documents and international shipments both qualify for discounts. Students must show an ID to qualify.

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How does the FedEx discount work?

If you’re a student and you have something to ship, chances are you may be able to take advantage of some sweet shipping discounts from FedEx. FedEx offers discounts on two types of shipping:

  1. 20% on FedEx Envelopes and Paks: This is a great discount if you have documents to ship. These are not intended to ship large items, but great if you need to send papers. You must use a FedEx envelope to qualify.
  2. 30% off International Priority: International Priority is FedEx’s most popular service and perfect when you have a package under 150 pounds to send to another country. This is a great option for foreign students or those traveling abroad. Over 220 countries are covered, so chances are good they deliver where you need your package to go.

Keep in mind that many shipping services are not covered, but the two above will handle a large percentage of your shipping needs.

How to qualify for FedEx student pricing?

To qualify, you need to drop off your shipment at a local FedEx office. Tip: do not pay for your shipment ahead of time online. There is no way to get the discount through the FedEx website.

When dropping off your package, you’ll need to select a covered service and also show your Student ID card. Finally, you need to pay by cash or credit card to be eligible.

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