Once in a while, you just need a break. The easiest way to take one might be hopping in your car, whether it is across the country or just to the local coffee shop. But if you don’t have a car, then you need a break to buy one. Ford Motor Company does exactly that with their “Ford Drives U” program.

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How much is the Ford student discount?

With all your other college expenses, from tuition, to books, to room and board (or rent and groceries), you’ve got a lot on your plate. Whenever you can catch a financial break, you should take it. Ford offers current college students and recent grads $750 off a new car purchase or lease. Focusing on that Focus? They’ll help you buy it for less, as long as it is a 2016 or newer.

How to qualify for Ford student pricing?

Are you an undergraduate student, graduate student, or community college/trade school student? Chances are, you qualify! Unlike most of the other auto discounts, which only upcoming and recent graduates can get, Ford’s discount is for those in school, too. If you’ve graduated in the last two years, you qualify as well.

You will need to provide proof of enrollment and eligibility. Most often this will be in the form of a transcript, copy of class schedule, or a letter from the school. If you are an incoming freshman, or a recent graduate, you will need a letter of intent or your final transcript, respectively. So let “Ford Drive U” to your next break!

Get the Ford Discount

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