Sometimes you just don’t want to drive. Or you don’t have a car. Let Greyhound do the driving, and enjoy 10% off bus fares to get you home for break, or somewhere even more exciting.

Get the Greyhound Discount

How much is the Greyhound student discount?

Students get 10% off bus fares, and 10% off of shipping when you ship using Greyhound Package Express(GPX). While bus travel might not sound cool, their newer buses have charging stations at every seat and free wi-fi. You’ll stay charged while staying in motion. You can catch up on your reading or watch all the movies you haven’t had time to see because you’ve been studying so hard. (Really!)

How to qualify for Greyhound Student pricing?

In order to qualify, you have to sign up for the Student Advantage card, which is a membership program with exclusive benefits for students. The fee is currently $22.50 for a one-year card. (Cards are available for up to 4 years at an additional $10 per year.) While it may not be worth it for only one bus trip, with discounts at Target, 1-800-FLOWERS, FootLocker and more, it could pay for itself. So check out the different discounts and decide for yourself. And then book your bus trip home.

Get the Greyhound Discount

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