Does HP offer a student discount?

Yes. The HP Academy is Hewlett-Packard’s exclusive discount program for students.

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Who qualifies for HP Academy pricing?

First, you must sign up online at HP or call customer service at 1-866-433-2018 between 8:30 and 2:00 a.m. (EST). Registration is free. Parents buying HP products for students qualify too.

Teachers and faculty of educational institutions also qualify. Homeschool students and teachers are also eligible.

This step is very important. Without it, you won’t get the discount.

How much is the HP educational discount?

Students who apply to the HP Academy get exclusive discounts of up to 20% off HP products, and free shipping. In college, your personal laptop will be your best friend. Trust me. So, the people at HP want to help you pick the one that fits you best by offering personalized product recommendations to HP Academy students. This advice is available online and by phone. The Academy also gives you one perk rarely seen in student discounts, or ones of any kind for that matter. You can combine your exclusive discounts with several instant rebates, sale-price discounts, and other ways to slash the dollar price.

As you know, HP offers an array of dorm and library essentials to help you hammer out your research papers – well, maybe not a coffee maker.

But. There’s one catch. HP is strictly a PC zone (Not as in “safe space”). So, if you’re a die-hard Apple fan, you may want to ask Siri to guide you elsewhere. But if you’re willing to change sides, HP went ahead and put in a good word for PC on the FAQ section of HP Academy.


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