ISEC offers student identity cards–the ISE Card–that can be used for discounts around the world. Acting as an “official” student identity card, it works similar to an ISIC card and provides proof of your student status.

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What’s the benefit of an ISE Card?

If you’re a student and traveling the world, you are often eligible for discounts. These discounts can be for train tickets, hostels, restaurants, or attractions.

Having a verified student identity card offers you two advantages:

  1. Access to exclusive discounts, usually pre-arranged by the company issuing the card.
  2. An official verification of your student status. Often companies won’t accept your local university ID, but they will accept an ISE Card.

ISEC offers a low-cost student identity card, making it a less expensive option than some of the competition. The cost is currently $9.00 (USD) for a mobile app card, and $35.00 for a plastic card.

Do you really need an ISE Card?

Oftentimes, the answer is no.

Here’s why. While ISEC offers discounts, they don’t offer as many as other competing discount cards, most notably ISIC. And unlike ISIC, they don’t have a sweet travel deal arrangement with STA, so forget about the cheap airfare.

The other reality is this: ISEC boasts 1000s of discounts around the globe, but in the absence of exclusive deals you can likely grab many of these discounts with your school ID.

Still, the ISECard does offer a few benefits, including the low cost and integration with bank and calling cards. It’s not for everyone, but it may be for you.

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