Does JourneyEd offer a student discount?

If you need the latest software or tech gear, check out JourneyEd. With some items discounted over 50%, it is a great place to start your search for the best laptop for school.

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What is JourneyEd?

JourneyEd is a website that has partnered with various manufacturers in the technology spectrum to help market their products specifically to individuals in education. JourneyEd helps students and faculty buy software, computers, and educational tools for a more reasonable price.

Only students, parents of students, and faculty can buy products from JourneyEd, and must go through a short application process in order to start purchasing.

How much is the JourneyEd educational discount?

The JourneyEd discount varies from product to product. However, by using this site, students find some of the lowest prices available for brand-new software.

Some items are discounted over 50% off, including new notebook computers.

The best part: everything found on the website is up for grabs at various discounted rates for students! Products range from computer software from Microsoft and Adobe to discounted tablets, operating systems, and anti-virus protection.

What’s more, students and faculty can take advantage of these discounted rates after they have finished their education, as long as they register for the site before they graduate! That means savings for potentially years to come.

How to qualify for the JourneyEd student pricing?

Any student in a K-12 school, college, university, or homeschool is eligible to receive the discount pricing. Teachers in any of these grades, along with parents of students, are also able to register and reap the benefits.

In order to receive the discount, students and faculty must provide proof of enrollment or employment. When placing an order online, the customer must complete the Eligibility Verification Upload page, or email it to [email protected]. JourneyEd holds the order until the proof of enrollment is verified.

Some examples of acceptable proof of enrollment for JourneyEd are:

  • School ID card
  • Course schedule
  • Report card
  • Registration receipt
  • Link to faculty webpage

Once JourneyEd accepts the application, the order will continue processing, and the individual can use the account to make as many purchases as they want in the future.

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