If you don’t already have a computer, or your last one died, chances are you’ll want a new one for school. (Computer labs suck. Do they even exist anymore?) Get a discount from Microsoft on computers, accessories, tablets, and more. Even better, you can get the software you need to do your homework at a steal as well.

Get the Microsoft Discount

How much is the Microsoft student discount?

It depends on what you are buying. For most items in the Microsoft Store, the discount is 10%. Not a lot, but when you are buying an $800 tablet or a $1500 laptop, every little bit helps.  So what qualifies?

  • Surface Book or tablets
  • Computers, like PCs, laptops, gaming desktops and more
  • Accessories like headphones, keyboards, mice, laptop bags, Surface Pen, and tablet sleeves
  • Software, including Windows 10, Office 2016, and Office 365. (includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams)

Sorry, but Xbox and games do NOT qualify for the discount. It looks like Microsoft is in league with your parents and wants you to do your homework.

Some of you might be asking, “What’s the difference between Office 2016 and Office365?” Office 2016 is a one-time software installation on your computer that does not update. If you want the latest features, you’ll have to buy the software again. Office 365 is a subscription service that automatically updates your software, and has cloud-based storage for a monthly or annual fee.

But probably the best price of all is free. If your school has an agreement with Microsoft, you might be eligible to receive a copy of Office 365 for free. If not, you are still eligible for a deep discount on subscriptions. Normally running between $70 and $150 per year, you can sign up for Office 365 University and get a subscription of 4 years for $80.

How to qualify for Microsoft student pricing?

To get a free subscription to Office 365, click the link and enter your school email address to find out if your school has an agreement with Microsoft.

For other available discounts, check out the student discount area at the Microsoft Store. Educators and parents of students can also shop through this portal. (Parents, there is a caveat that you are supposed to be buying for your student. Not quite sure how that works. Be honest!)

Get the Microsoft Discount

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