NUS extra is a popular United Kingdom-based card that offers student discounts at over 200 UK-based businesses. The card also comes with a free year of ISIC, which offers additional discounts around the world.

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What exactly is the NUS extra card?

If you’ve ever been a student in the UK, you’ve no doubt heard of NUS, the National Union of Students. NUS is an association of over 600 student unions and advocates for student rights and student issues.

NUS issues the NUS extra card, a student discount card offering deals at over 200 businesses.

You qualify for the card as long as you are enrolled in higher education at a university. While they do try to verify student status, it appears that a valid .edu email is not required.

Choose a card that lasts between one and three years. Perfect if you want to extend your discount as long as possible. The cost of the card is as follows:

  • 1 Year: £12
  • 2 Year: £22
  • 3 years: £32

Want it for free? Open a Student Account with Lloyds Bank you qualify for a free card. Lloyds sends you a letter with a special promo code to claim your card.

Finally, all NUS cards come with a free year of ISIC, the International Student Identity Card. Considering the ISIC card costs far more than the NUS, this is a really good deal.

What discounts are included with the NUS extra card?

The NUS extra card grants discounts for food, grocery shopping, travel, entertainment, and more. It’s worth it to take a look at the discounts first to see if it’s something you can take advantage of.

Be aware that not all of the discounts NUS advertises actually require an NUS extra card. For example, NUS boasts a 50% discount off of Amazon Prime, but Student Prime is already available to all students who sign up. The same is true for Apple computers and other discounts listed on the NUS site.

That said, the NUS extra card offers many distinct discounts not available anywhere else. For the low cost of the card, if you use it only once, you’ll likely get all your money back. Worth a look!

Get the NUS Card

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