You are a student. You WILL be required to give presentations, there is really no question about that. So here is the real question: Will your presentation be the one that puts the class to sleep, or wakes them up? Sure, a slide show done right can be engaging, but with Prezi – which is free for students – a visually rich production is at your fingertips.

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How much is the Prezi educational discount?

Prezi has three education options

  1. EDU Standard which allows you to create, share, and store presentations online and control who see’s them.
    Price: FREE!

  2. EDU Plus includes everything from EDU Standard + presenter notes, PDF export, and offline access.
    Price: Free trial, then starting at $7.00 a month

  3. EDU Teams is for educators and administrators and includes all EDU Plus has to offer + analytics and collaboration tools.
    Price: Contact them. 

What exactly is Prezi?

It is an online “zooming” presentation. It isn’t that different from the *other* slideshow software in that you click to go to your next image. That’s about where the similarities end. Prezi literally zooms in and out from the images and text you include. You might start on an image of a tiger, and then zoom into the beast’s eye to discuss its night vision. (It’s fun to explore Prezi to see what it can do.)

The biggest difference is in how a Prezi is created, which is more of a mind-map than an outline. Templates are available to fill in and make things especially easy. (And when you are writing that presentation at 2 a.m. the night before it is due, you need easy.)

How to qualify for Prezi student pricing?

Start from the Prezi education pricing page and click the package button. Then you simply sign up for an account with your school email address. From there you can select your plan, and start building the next presentation to make your class say, “Wow!” – or at least help you pass.

If you already have a Prezi account you can switch to an education plan by signing in and then choosing Upgrade on Settings and License page.

Get the Prezi Discount

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