Your mom probably already has a membership card for Sam’s Club, a popular retailer that helps you save by buying in bulk. But Sam knows college kids are strapped for cash, so he’ll throw in a $15 gift card to get you started.

Get the Sam's Club Discount

How much is the Sam’s Club Student Discount?

Sam’s Savings Club Membership costs $45 a month. Depending on what state you live in, your Uncle Sam may charge a tax. This means that after you apply your $15 gift card, the final cost is for the Sam’s Club membership is $30

What’s Included in the Sam’s Club Student Discount

You can use your college membership card to purchase all your dorm room essentials. Think groceries, school supplies, personal care products, and even booze – if you’re at least 21, of course. You have a whole warehouse of stuff to choose from, and it’s all typically sold at discounted prices. You’ll also get an instant savings booklet notifying you of what’s really being sold at bargain prices. But don’t fret if you’re not a coupon lady. Sam automatically downloads those savings onto your membership card and they’re applied at checkout.

Minus the gift card though, it’s essentially the basic membership card anyone can apply for. But this is a great deal those who shop a lot, run through disposable stuff quickly, or prefer buying in bulk.

How to qualify for the Sam’s Club Student Discount?

To sign up for a Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership, click the button below to get started. You’ll need a school email address and your status is verified through Unidays. Alternatively, you can visit one of its locations with your student ID and a valid university (.edu) email address.

Get the Sam's Club Discount

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