You’re a student and you don’t have a lot of money. Or maybe you are like me and just don’t like paying full price for anything, especially high-ticket items like electronics and software. Studying or working at an educational institution gets you some perks that the rest of us wish we had. is out to help you find and get discounts on these items as easily as possible.

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How much is the ThinkEdu educational discount?

You’ll find discounts ranging from 10% to 95% (!) so it is worth looking at the site to see what they have. And they have a lot!

  • Software: Windows, Anti-Virus, Quicken/Quickbooks, SPSS, Adobe, Rosetta Stone, Camtasia, Finale & more
  • Hardware: Laptops, tablets, touchscreen computers
  • Accessories: Cables, keyboards, headphones, cases/sleeves, calculators, and more.
  • Apparel and More: Health and fitness, backpacks.

You know how important networking can be for your success. Well, ThinkEdu has the connections to get you some great deals. Before purchasing any software or accessories, do yourself a favor and do your homework, and check if ThinkEdu has a discount for you. You’ll be impressed at the list.

How to qualify for ThinkEdu’s educational pricing?

If there are any limitations on a discount (e.g. students only) the discount page will state it.

As if they weren’t already making it easy for you, ThinkEdu verifies your eligibility right away. Most of the time, your school email address will be enough. But if you have any questions, all the different methods for verification are laid out nice and neat on the ThinkEdu FAQ page.

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