Pop Quiz: Who wants to do their taxes? Answer: No one. But, we all have to. (Nothing’s certain but death and…yeah.) While you are hoping Uncle Sam will give you some money back, you don’t want to pay a bunch to get it. That’s where Turbo Tax comes in.

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How much is the Turbo Tax student discount?

Technically, Turbo Tax doesn’t have a student discount. (Bummer!) BUT…if your tax return is fairly simple, which as a student, it usually is, you can file for free, the best discount of all. The Free Federal option is free to anyone who needs to file either a 1040EZ or a 1040A form for your taxes. (There is an additional cost to file for your state’s taxes.)

How to qualify for Turbo Tax Free Federal?

It’s pretty easy. Visit the Turbo Tax website, and sign up for an online account. Turbo Tax will ask some questions, and then point you toward the program they think will suit your needs. If you find your tax return is too complicated, you can check out their other programs. Even better, call your parents and find out who does their taxes, or see if your school offers workshops or assistance with tax filing.

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More about Intuit TurboTax from Wikipedia.

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