When you graduate from college, you probably don’t want to buy anything big and permanent, like a house. The one exception might be something that can take you places – literally and figuratively. If a new car is calling your name, check out Volkswagen’s Graduate program.

Get the Volkswagen Discount

How much is the Volkswagen student discount?

Volkswagen will help upcoming or recent grads save $500 on a new car if they buy or lease through their credit services. They don’t require you to have a credit history, but if you do, it needs to be in good standing.

How to qualify for Volkswagen student pricing?

To qualify, you will need to be within six months of graduating, or have graduated in the past two years. A degree or transcript will be required to prove your status. Volkswagen also expects to get paid, so they will ask for proof of current or future full-time employment and proof of insurance. Your elementary teachers were correct – character counts! – and Volkswagen requires two references as well. The legwork to gather all this is well-worth $500, so you don’t have to walk to that new job!

You can learn more from this Volkswagen brochure.

Get the Volkswagen Discount

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