Zipcar offers discounted pricing on membership for its car sharing program to students at select universities throughout the United States. Zipcar has partnered with hundreds of colleges and universities through the U-PASS program to make ride sharing an affordable option to students who don’t own a vehicle.

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How much is the Zipcar student discount?

Special pricing for students includes $10 off the original membership fee, for a total cost of $15. Hourly and daily car rental rates are equivalent to normal Zipcar rates.

Why is Zipcar good for college students?

Where to begin? When I attended the University of Southern California as an undergraduate, during my freshman year I didn’t have a car. As a result, I hardly ever went anywhere. The following years I brought a car with me to college, but the expenses were considerable and included parking, tickets, insurance, and gas.

Zipcar solves both these problems (not having a car or having one that’s too expensive.)

The advantages of Zipcar for college students include:

  • Avoids the hassle of owning a car. This is especially great for international students.
  • Insurance and gas are always included.
  • Reduces the need for more parking spaces. Each Zipcar is the equivalent of 30-40 cars.
  • You don’t have to pay to park your vehicle.
  • Parking is usually close to campus and housing areas.
  • Cars are newer, with regular maintenance.

Today, the University of Southern California has 3500 students enrolled in its Zipcar program and has saved tons of parking spaces and expenses for students.

Zipcar parking

How to qualify for Zipcar student pricing?

First, you need to see if your college or university has partnered with Zipcar. Click the button below to view the site and search for your school.

When joining, you’ll need to provide basic information about yourself, including current copies of your driver license.

Even if your school hasn’t partnered with Zipcar specifically, you can still join Zipcar. Zipcar is found in many cities with non-participating schools. It’s an excellent car sharing program. Zip-zip!

Get the Zipcar Discount

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