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We started in 2009 by offering our first online coupon code for health supplements. It combined two of our passions: better health and saving money. Within minutes, we helped someone pay a lower price online, and a mission was born.

Since then, we’ve shared thousands of coupons and discounts. We’re obsessive about coupon best practices and exploring ways merchants can better use coupons to attract customers, loyalty, and a positive brand experience.

Today, Coupon Science still distributes coupon and promo code savings to literally 1000s of people each year. And we’re still obsessed with health. We also run independent research projects and surveys into consumer coupon behavior and best practices.

Our publishing philosophy is guided by a single principle: how does this help people? We strive to answer that question every day with good health information, accurate product recommendations, appropriate coupon savings, and a positive attitude.

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