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First-time UK customers save 20% off your order with code NEW20. Use iHerb UK Promo Code RUS173 with GOLD60 at checkout for 10% off plus orders over £49 plus free shipping. Click below to automatically apply the discounts. See bonus codes below.


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UK Promotion

6 New iHerb UK Codes – Oct 2023

1) 20% Off Your 1st Order

2) GOLD60: 10% Off Select Orders Over £49

3) 27% off 100+ Supplements

4) 10-40% Off Vitamins

5) Save 50% Off Specials

6) Up to 90% Off iHerb Trials

10% off iHerb Orders over $60

1. Free Shipping and Discounts to the UK

Both domestic and international shipping to the UK is fast, dependable and on time anywhere in the country, whether you live in London, Birmingham, Leeds, or anywhere in-between. Free shipping is often available for large orders over $40 USD when you choose DHL, UPS, or air mail.

  • The VAT on imported goods is £15. See: VAT info
  • Orders over £15 via Postal Airmail may be charged a Value Added Tax (around 20%), a Customs Duty (around 12%) and a flat £8 from the UK Royal Mail as a handling charge.

Shipping is available throughout all of Europe as well. Residents of France can take advantage of our iHerb promo codes as well.

For bulk orders or international iHerb shipping to Australia, the same discounts apply.

2. How to Save 10–20% off Your Order

Apply your discount code automatically by clicking the button above, or entering the iHerb UK voucher at checkout.

  1. Navigate to the iHerb website.
  2. Place desired items in your shopping cart
  3. Upon checkout, first-time customers enter iHerb promo code RUS173 into the rewards box.
  4. First-time customers receive an instant $5.00 USD discount.
  5. Both existing and first-time customers receive a 5% discount on any order

Here’s how the discount works. For all first time orders, receive a $5 discount. Often the company runs other special promos as well.

Different specials run at different times, but the 10–20% coupon code is usually the best promotion available. Please, limit your order to one per household.

3. Giant Selection

Did you know the company carries over 30,000 different types of vitamins, supplements and health foods? iHerb Inc reviews and updates its product line continually and carries quality brands like Madre Labs.

Order the same name brand products popular throughout the health industry, at prices typically twenty to thirty percent less expensive. You might discover great products you never knew existed.

Because of their huge buying power, this means extra savings passed onto you. In fact, if you compare iHerb with other leading online sellers like Vitacost or Lucky Vitamins, you’ll see who is best!

Please keep in mind that orders of Whey Protein and Liquid Fish Oils are not allowed to be imported into Great Britain.

For customers who order from Norway, please take advantage of find details about your iHerb coupon code here.

New! Trial Pricing

That’s right – many beauty products, food and nutrition products are available as super low-cost trials.

Simply visit this page to choose your trial items.

A few of the offers include superfoods, digestive care and the occasional sleep aid. Keep in mind that iHerb does charge for shipping on all trial products, so order with care.

Free UK Samples

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iHerb ship to the UK?

Yes, iHerb ships to all parts of the United Kingdom.  Orders over $40 USD often ship free, and a flat fee applies for orders less than that. You can prepay taxes and duties with your order with many shipping options.

Where is iHerb Located?

iHerb headquarters are located in California, in the USA. iHerb has additional US shipping facilities located in Kentucky, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, iHerb has a shipping facility in Incheon, Korea.

Is iHerb Safe?

iHerb maintains the highest standards of quality and freshness to ensure the safety of its products. Products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse and shipped fresh around the world.

How do I use my iHerb Rewards Credit?

You can apply a promo code either by clicking a link that has the code automatically attached to it, such as the ones on this page, or by entering the code manually at checkout.

* Equal to $40 USD. Select orders only. Exclusions apply. Taxes and duties may be extra.
After clicking, coupons will be automatically applied at checkout.

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