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We’re obsessed with health! We’ve been buying supplements online about as long as the internet has made it possible. In 2002, we discovered iHerb and began buying almost exclusively from them because of the amazing prices, vast selection, low-cost shipping, and amazing service.

In 2009 we started participating in the iHerb Rewards program, and now in 2023 are proud to offer you the latest deals and product recommendations.

At OHC, we are driven by 3 primary objectives:

  • Share the best health coupons and promo code discounts in the vitamin and supplement space. We proudly support iHerb.

  • Share original research pieces (we strive to publish 1-2 year) on coupon usage in the United States and around the world.

  • Recommend the most popular health supplements.

Today, we are primarily focused on vitamin and supplement coupons, promo codes, and discounts, while we also publish new research articles each year.

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Latest iHerb Promo Codes & Shipping Info by Region

  1. Hong Kong: 所有香港永久居民都可免费在官网上兑换此iHerb香港折扣代码,享受最高优惠。
  2. Spain: Para obtener el cupón iHerb en español, haga clic aquí para códigos promo top descuento de España.
  3. India: India is a top iHerb destinations, with 1000s of merchants and individuals ordering each year. Be sure to access the latest iHerb India promotions here.
  4. Chile: Para los residentes de América del Sur estos descuentos iHerb Chile se pueden encontrar aquí. (Bueno para todos los países de habla española y América del Sur.)
  5. Korea: Merchant in South Korea stock up on iHerb products to fill their shelves with supplements that are hard to find in Asia. Use your iHerb Korea codes to save on these purchases.
  6. France: Vive la France! Did you know the phrase “iHerb France” generates over 10,000 Google searches per month? We’re happy to help our across the globe with our iHerb France promo codes available for all.
  7. Russia: iHerb purchases are now possible to the citizens of Russia, which can be accessed at Please keep in mind that current exchange rates with Russian currency could make this option more challenging.
  8. Russia: Для жителей Москвы и других городов России , пожалуйста, используйте свободные Aйхерб купон коды мы предусмотрели для использования здесь.