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If you’re a student, you can score student discounts almost anywhere on the globe. Here, we’ve gathered the best-of-the-best student deals found online and in stores into one gigantic list. Find deals for students, teachers, and parents when shopping for student laptops, airline tickets, academic software, and even free Amazon Prime. Most–but not all–discounts require validation, such as a school email address. See each entry for details.

Making Student Discounts Easy

Save 10-80%. Free Tips. 100’s of Discounts.

We help parents, educators, college students, and higher education employees find the greatest deals online. We only work with national retailers in order to offer the best offers. While we focus on college students, discounts are available for students starting in elementary school. Find deals on cheap airline tickets, college computers, top health supplement discounts, and academic software.

We’ve listed the top provider in each category to help you, as a consumer, make better buying choices. We’ve gone beyond the standard deals found on most shopping sites, and negotiated with some of the largest retailers for the biggest educational discounts. Most people aren’t even aware of the deals available to them, and that’s what we are trying to change.

We’ve listed the top stores for school savings and educational material to help you, as a consumer, make better buying choices.

1. Computer Discounts

Most major computer manufacturers offer discounts to students, teachers, and educational institutions. If you’re a parent, you can typically buy a computer on behalf of your student by proving their student status. Laptops are the number one student computer purchase, but you can also find discounts on desktop and gaming computers. Discounts on big-ticket items range from 5-10%. Popular merchants include Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and Best Buy.

2. Travel Deals

Cheap airline tickets are available to students traveling throughout the US and Europe or anywhere on the globe. Lufthansa has a popular student program for European-based travel. If traveling by bus or rail, always be sure to ask for a student discount. Many hotels and hostels also offer discounted rates for young travelers.

3. Academic Software Discounts

Virtually all major software programs are available to students, teachers, and parents at discounted prices. The most popular software includes student essentials such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom. Beyond these staples, you can even find software to host a website or learn web development. Buy your software before you graduate or else you’ll pay more later.

4. Cheap Textbooks

In the old days, when you wanted textbooks, you paid whatever your college bookstore wanted to charge. Today, online options such as Amazon offer students to buy and sell college textbooks at prices up to 90% off what you may find at your university. Be sure to check out options for renting books and buying less expensive online digital textbooks.

Tips and tricks for getting the best deals

1. Always ask for a student discount! Merchants don’t always advertise their offers for students. There are literally 1000s of student discounts available if you simply ask.

2. Carry your student ID. Most student deals require some sort of validation, typically a school ID or school email address ending in edu. Some discounts require special student cards, such as the ISIC.

3. Parents can pay. If your parent is paying for a major purchase such as a new laptop or airline tickets, they can often take advantage of your student status as long as you have proper proof.

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