Brooks Brothers offers a 10% discount to college and university students. The discount applies towards in-store purchases only. Eligible students must show a valid student ID or college acceptance letter.

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How does the Brooks Brothers Student Discount Work?

This is one of those “secret” discounts that you have to know about in order to take advantage of it. You won’t find any information about it on the Brooks Brothers website. In fact, the only way we know about it is because it was tweeted from the Brooks Brothers Twitter account.

We reached out, and Brooks Brothers verified the discount was still valid.

Brooks Brothers, of course, makes the suits that helped make Don Draper famous. Their classic-cut suits and fashion are always up-to-date and simultaneously timeless.

How to qualify for Brooks Brothers student pricing?

As with any discount, there’s a bit of fine print. Here are the rules for Brooks Brothers student discount:

  • The discount applies to in-store purchases only. Sorry Internet.
  • The discount is 10% off all merchandise.
  • Valid for college students with a valid ID or college acceptance letter.

So if you are 17 and looking for that suit for the first day of uni, or about to graduate and looking to spruce up for job interviews, this discount is for you.

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