It is likely you use software and related technology every day. (Reading this on your phone? Or laptop? Or tablet?) Most students are about as plugged in as the chargers for their devices. And if you are more plugged in than most, you might be planning to write some code yourself. If you’re planning to create the next Amazon or Facebook, you’ll need some real experience, and GitHub can help you do it for free.

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How much is the GitHub educational discount?

Though Git itself is an open-source software, the different products that help you use it are anything but free. GitHub, however, has an entire suite of products that you can use for free if you are a student. (But watch the fine print: some are only free for a certain length of time, or for certain features. Stripe, for instance, offers no transaction fee on the first $1000.)

The list of products in the Student Developer Pack is a long one. If you are a developer-in-training, they’ll have something for you.  You’ll find tools for cloud storage, crowd-sourcing, accepting online payment, and game development. Some products provide online tutorials, lessons, and support. The following is a sample:

  • GitHub: Unlimited private repositories (normally $7/month) while you are a student.
  • Stripe: Waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed.
  • Udacity: Student Developer Pack members get one-month free access to any Nanodegree program (normally $199).
  • Sendgrid: Student plan 15K free emails/month (normally limited to 200 free emails/day) while you’re a student.
  • Thinkful: One month of access to a web development course that includes online office hours with experienced developers.
  • AWS Educate: Student Developer Pack members receive up to $110 in bonus AWS credits for a total of $75-$150.

So if you are going to program the next gaming craze, you’ll find what you need here.

How to qualify for GitHub student pricing?

Your school email address or student ID will get you through the door with this package. And then “git crackin’!”  (Too punny? I thought so.)

Teachers, faculty, and staff can request a regular GitHub for education discount, but they are not eligible for the full developer pack.

Get the GitHub Discount

About the Author: Alyssa Holden

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