Student Beans, a UK-based company, offers a free student discount offers to eligible students. They offer three ways to redeem discounts, including an online discount card, web-based offers, and a mobile ID app for in-store purchases.

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What the heck is Student Beans?

Student Beans offers discounts to hundreds of merchants across the UK and around the world.

Once validated, you can use your free discount offers in one of 3 ways:

  1. Obtain discounts directly from the Student Beans website.
  2. Stores like TopShop and Asos offer online student discounts when you log in with your Student Beans ID.
  3. Using the Student Beans mobile ID app, you can obtain in-store discounts at stores like Jack Wills and Urban Outfitters simply by showing your app.

It is important to note that many of the discounts Student Beans offers can be obtained without signing up. For example, they advertise a discount with Apple Computers, but a 10% discount can be obtained without a Student Beans membership.

Regardless, as Student Beans is 100% free, it’s worth signing up if you are a UK student.

How to qualify for Student Beans virtual discount card

Signup is free online. Verification is provided through a school email address. If your school doesn’t have a specific address, or you are unable to verify this way, you can do so manually. Manual verification occurs by uploading a photo your student ID, acceptance letter, or academic transcript. Note: NUS cards cannot be used as proof of student status.

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